• 07.06.2019

    We launched the development of new developing applications for kids, including coloring and puzzles. Stay tuned!

  • 25.05.2019

    “Princess: First ball” and “Princess. Make Friends with the Unicorn” updated on Google Play

  • 07.03.2019

    Specially for International Women's Day: a completely updated kid's tablet for little princesses with our children's interface in the style of a fairy kingdom released. Meet TurboKids Princess kids tablets.

  • 05.03.2019
  • 12.01.2019

    Next update for the series of our most colorful and funny applications "Small Witch" and "Small Witch 2". Download on Google Play: “Small Witch” and “Small Witch 2”

  • 14.12.2018

    A New Year gift for all kids - the update of the children's interface, which was created specially for the TurboKids S5 tablet

  • 17.11.2018

    Our updated children’s interface developed under license of the brand "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is now pre-installed in a new model of kid's tablet computer TurboKids TMNT 16 Gb.

  • 10.10.2018

    New update fot the “Little Mermaid Fun Adventures” on Google Play

  • 03.10.2018

    We have updated our great math apps. Already available on Google Play:

  • 30.08.2018

    Redesigned interface – more convenient and modern. 10 bright interactive tales for kids and their parents - "Kolobok", "Turnip", "Mittens", "Three bears", "A man and a bear", "Goat-dereza", "Geese-swans", "The Wolf and the seven goatlings", "Kurochka Ryaba" and "How to catch the feather of Firebird".

    All fairy tales are made in the format of a modern interactive book, each page of which includes not only text and colorful illustrations, but also voice acting, as well as animated interactive elements.

  • 19.04.2018

    Updated interface - popular puzzle Lines Master

    Master Lines is a classic puzzle game. The gameplay is simple: install the figures of the same color in line. When they reach 5 and more – the line disappears and brings you points. But do not relax, the figures are becoming more and more.

  • 17.06.2018

    Favorite tale in the form of a funny cartoon, complemented by educational and educational games.

    A unique educational application for children, in which every plot of the famous fairy tale is associated with a mini-game. The teaching elements are so harmoniously inscribed in the tale that your child, without noticing it, will acquire important and useful skills and knowledge.

  • 20.11.2017

    In this developing game, curious and funny Masha invites all the children to a magical circus! You have to look behind the scenes and chat with the extraordinary artists, and also learn a lot of interesting and useful information about different animals. Who eats what? Who lives longer, weighs more or runs faster? And whose are these tracks: a seal or a crow?

    "Masha. Circus" is the continuation of a series of fun educational games already loved by the children about unusually clever and kind Masha. Every her adventure is not just a series of cheerful mini-games, but also a mandatory learning component and development of children's skills preschool and primary school age.

  • 14.01.2018

    All of our Android applications are now available to users of TurboKids and MonsterPad children's tablets in the TURBO Market proprietary application catalog, which was also developed by GFI.

    In the catalog you will find MORE THAN 50 APPENDICES, which are divided into categories and ages of children. Most applications are in full versions and without ads! CATALOG IS CONSTANTLY EXPANDED and updated with new applications that are becoming available on all new models of children's tablets TurboKids and MonsterPad.

  • 05.11.2017

    "How to catch a feather of the Firebird" – educational and developmental animation app for kids and their parents based on a popular cartoon. Now the book, the favorite cartoon, a fairy tale and many developing mini-games are in one application!

    The Tale of the Firebird will tell about loyalty and devoted friendship, about love and the triumph of good over evil in a modern way. Teaching mini-games which develop logic, attention, imagination and memory will help to spend family leisure with quality and fun!

  • 16.10.2017

    TurboKids Dasha-traveler is the first branded kids Android tablet computer in Russia, created especially for children aged 4 years and under the license of the popular animated brand Dasha Traveler. In the tablet are preinstalled: 25+ gaming and educational applications (most of them are in full versions without ads), an exclusive branded children's interface and parental control functions.

    The tablet runs on the Android operating system of the popular version 5.1 and has two built-in interfaces: 1) standard Android, which allows you to work with the most ordinary "adult" tablet; 2) an exclusive children's interface designed especially for the TurboKids Dasha Traveler model.

  • 30.07.2017

    Squirrel is in trouble! Mushrooms, which drove her helicopter, scattered throughout the forest! Help the cute little animal and Mashenka to find and collect all the mushrooms.

    "Masha. Mushroom mathematics" is a continuation of a series of educational games about children sweetheart Mashenka. Each of her adventures is not just a fun mini-game, but it is also training and developing skills and abilities of preschool and primary school children.

  • 17.07.2017

    New app – "Masha. Forest School"! Funny bear was going to bake a cake. But without certain knowledge, it's not so easy! After all, you need to be able to weigh the ingredients, calculate the required number of them, know how long the cake is in the oven, find and collect all the necessary decorations for the cake...

    In this children's educational game, in an easy game form, your kid will learn to: determine the weight of objects, using weights and other objects with already known weight; use the calculator, solving simple mathematical examples; determine the time, moving the arrows and accomplishing tasks with time; pave the way out of the labyrinth using arrows; think in a non-standard way, solving unique puzzles.

  • 03.07.2017

    The licensed division of the international holding VIMN in Russia Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products and the company TurboPad (the Russian brand of kids tablets TurboKids) have announced the start of sales of the kids tablet computer TurboKids Ninja Turtles.

    TurboKids Ninja Turtles is an 8-inch 3G tablet on Android 6.0 with an IPS-screen with a resolution of 1280x800, a silicone bumper and a picture of all your favorite characters right on the device.

    The tablet already has 20+ pre-installed games and educational applications, as well as a kids branded menu with a choice of design with your favorite hero from the animated series "Ninja Turtles" (Leo, Raph, Donny, Miki or all together!) And parental control functions.

  • 01.06.2017

    Release: the continuation of the Princess’ adventures, the second game of the series

    Every little Princess is looking forward to her first ball! For everything to go perfectly, you need to prepare well. Little Princess has many things to do: pick out your outfit and decorations, plant flowers in front of the castle and collect beautiful bouquets, decorate the dance hall and transform the royal castle, bake a cake for tea and lay the table. But all these efforts are so enjoyable, because the first ball is ahead! 15 different mini-games will help to develop logical thinking, creativity, mindfulness and memory.

  • 10.03.2017

    A contract was signed between GFI and Viacom for the production of licensed children's tablets for the brand TurboKids

    The licensed division of the international holding VIMN in Russia, Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products and the Russian brand of kids tablets TurboKids, announce the signing of a license agreement for the development, production and distribution of kids tablet computers running on the Android operating system.

    The license agreement covers the brands "Dasha-traveler" and "Ninja Turtles".

    It will appear in the second quarter of 2017.

  • 04.02.2017

    Meet "Precursors" - available on Steam

    The popular RPG "Precursors" is on Steam now. Get the game and fight aliens using controllable spaceships, robots and other vehicles. Now available on Steam!

    Precursors, predecessors, the legend of galaxy… Who are carrying the forebear’s genes among existing races, we can suppose only…

    Worlds of galaxy are everlasting, beautiful, unique and dangerous. Some of them are inhabited, some ruined and deserted, other - just a smugglers trans-shipment stations.

  • 30.01.2017

    Princess and the Unicorn

    Our new app for girls Princess and the Unicorn. The game was created especially for kids tablets TurboKids Princess NEW, but it's also available on Google Play!

  • 23.11.2016

    "Xenus 2: White gold" - now on Steam

    GFI is glad to present the Steam-edition of "Xenus 2. White gold". Check out the link to take full advantage of more than 30 types of weapon and dozens of military gadgets in totally interactive world of "Xenus"!

    Caribbean islands; islands full of secrets, mystery and the spirit of romance. These islands are both beautiful and lethally dangerous. Centuries ago the waters of this region were teeming with pirates and adventurers... and frankly, not much has changed since then. The Caribs are waiting for you!

  • 31.10.2016

    Tim and Mermaid

    2 new apps for kids about the funny adventures in the Sea! Get the our games “Tim and Mermaid” and “Mermaid and the ancient treasure” on Google Play Market.

    Tim and Mermaid

    Mermaid and the ancient treasure

  • 13.09.2016

    Learning mathematics

    We have already updated our educational applications by mathematics!

    The first and second parts are available on Google Play

  • 10.03.2016

    New Kids launcher

    We’re pleased to introduce our new development - launcher for kids tablets Princess.

  • 01.06.2016

    New apps about Pets!

    You've always wanted to have a pet? Now it can live in your mobile gadget!

    Choose: kitten or puppy! You can download on Google Play right now



  • 26.08.2015

    Small Witch and Small Witch 2

    Funny adventures of the Small Witch is already available on Google Play Market. Just two applications for kids from 3 years old.

    Small Witch

    Small Witch 2

  • 17.05.2015

    Quadrox and Animal Records

    Our new APPs Quadrox and Animal Records are availed for gamers!

  • 20.02.2015

    Our new interactive fairytale apps are now available for purchase!

    We are glad to announce that our interactive fairytale apps are now available for purchase on Google Play!

    Check out the links below to get each one of these amazing pieces of folklore. Apps also feature puzzles, games and professional voice acting in Russian language.

    Tri medvedya
    Muzhyk i medved
    Kurochka Ryaba
    Volk i semero kozlyat
  • 04.02.2015

    Our first new product for kids in 2015!

    Meet TurboKids S4 with an updated interface from GFI. New possibilities in the new launcher for kids! Available for purchase.

  • 17.12.2014

    Popular «Clever Rabbits» Android app is now available for English-speaking users!

    Don't miss your chance to meet the Rabbits! Get the game on Google Play Market!

  • 08.10.2014

    GFI is glad to present its newest inventoin – kids interface for MonsterPad tablets!

    On Hong Kong Electronic Fair GFI has concluded an agreement with the Hong Kong manufacture company Hong Kong Erivex Corporation Limited. By that agreement Erivex will preinstall our kids launcher and software to tablet PCs, that will be selling in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, India and Pakistan.

  • 16.04.2014

    Now our software in Asia

    Completely new design, animated buttons, parental control functionality and funny monsters! Our new interface comes preinstalled on all MonsterPad tablets!

  • 04.04.2014

    GFI announces partnership with MMOFPS Black Fire.

    «BF News» is a companion app that will be useful for gamers playing this popular online-shooter. App is ready for download from Google Play.

  • 04.10.2013

    Another new app for kids from GFI!

    «My Little Pink Pony» is now available on Google Play Market.

  • 10.09.2013

    4 brand new GFI games are now available on Google Play!

    Check out «Russian Fairytales», two apps to learn math, and «Miss chick» - new game made specially for girls! Also be sure to check out «Treasure Hunters» and «Chicago Sudoku». To learn more about these apps and the others visit Google Play Market.

  • 06.05.2013

    Our first Android game is now available on Google Play!

    GFI is glad to announce the release of its first mobile game. «Clever Rabbits» is a thrilling puzzle game that will immidiately draw attention of children and grown ups alike. You can download «Clever Rabbits» on Google Play market for free!

  • 25.12.2012

    Kid launcher for TurboKids tablets

    GFI has developed the kid interface for TurboKids tablets running Android OS. The interface is a launcher that allows parents to assign apps to special categories. Each category has its own big bright button for easy and instant access. TurboKids tablets are available for purchase in Russia.

  • 22.09.2010

    GFI became an official PlayStation Network distributor

    September 15, 2010, Moscow - GFI, one of the Russian and CIS computer gaming industry leaders, and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited, the world leader in development and publishing of the gaming software for PlayStation®3, PlayStation®2, PSP® (PlayStationPortable) and PlayStation Network, has signed the agreement, in terms of which the GFI was granted the status of the official PlayStation Network distributor.

  • 27.07.2009

    GFI is happy to announce the launch of children games brand

    The company started to develop titles for young players in 2008 and now, one year later, kids’ games portfolio offers a wide range of edutainment and fun products for girls and boys.

  • 01.03.2005

    GGMania reveals Rat Hunter details

    GGMania internet-site has published the interview of 3d FPS project Rat Hunter. It's one of the first articles devoted to this Secret Sign Development Studio's project. So, read about the all main features of the project in the interview.

  • 25.08.2004

    Games Convention - impressions

    Game Factory Interactive's international crew has just came back from German Games Convention Expo. It was a huge show and we were glad to had this opportunity to meet our partners and friends, find new interesting contacts and present our upcoming projects to almost 100 000 of visitors. We'd like to thank organizators for the great show and all their help to us.

    Our special thanks to Intel and ATI for technical equipment of our booth.